Why Fulvic Minerals Super Concentrate 400X

Sweating is a great detox — and you can’t beat the price. Many studies demonstrate the detoxifying abilities of sweat. By clearing out a range of toxins, we stay healthier. And as detox systems go, sweating is my favorite because its Nature’s way, it really works, and you don’t have to follow a fancy and expensive protocol. Using fulvic acid to assist the detox is just so easy.

Our sweat also contains minerals/electrolytes essential to the body’s many functions. So after activities where you sweat a lot, however, it’s important to replace the minerals lost.

You’ve seen those colored sports drinks – ugh. They are usually more about the color or taste of it than the reality of delivering minerals to a sweat-depleted body. Look at the label – how many minerals in there? I bet you can count them on one hand. Do you see acesulfame potassium in there? That’s not a mineral; it is a synthetic sugar that stimulates insulin secretion and also contains the carcinogen methylene chloride. Or perhaps they used Splenda®, another type of synthetic sugar which is linked to a die-off in “good” gut flora. Like I said, ugh.

Fulvic Minerals Super Concentrate 400X

Fulvic acid naturally transports up to 74 minerals and electrolytes and vitamins, amino acids, and phytonutrients directly to cells.

I like that this supplement gives me a full array of minerals in natural balance. And fulvic acid delivers the natural electrical charge that ensures the minerals will get inside the cells.

I also like that fulvic acid naturally helps us shed the heavy metals and glyphosate stored in our tissues.

This supplement is best taken with a full glass of clean, non-chlorinated water, and at least an hour away from prescription medications – check with your doctor. Fulvic acid may increase or decrease the effectiveness of medications.

When I play golf in the summer, for example, I put a half-dropper of Fulvic Minerals Super Concentrate in my water on the front nine holes, and another half-dropper on the back nine.

By the way, drinking water alone can sometimes be counter-productive because it can decrease the concentration of ions (osmolality) of the extracellular fluid, signaling the kidney to let go of even more fluid to find a balance. This “diluted blood” also tends to shut off the thirst mechanism. Whoops.

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