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Group Presentations

$30 per person,
8 person minimum


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Gather your exercise buddies, BFFs, meetup group, church group, bridge group … In 2 hours, you will get more questions answered than spending hours on Google, days in the library, or buying an armful of books. The expert comes to you. This is an interactive workshop with PowerPoint visuals, group Q&A, and handouts.

8 Biggest Dietary Mistakes
Where we often go wrong with fats, sugar, grains, addictive foods, salt, counting calories, exercise, and supplements.

Weight Loss
If it were really as simple as eating less and exercising more, we would not have twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Let’s get down to the truth of the matter and find out what works.

What’s the Fuss About Gluten & GMOs?
Is gluten-free just a fad, or is there more to it? What do we know about genetically modified foods?

What is Meant By a Nutrient-dense Diet?
Why our ancestors ate “tip to tail,” why Weston A. Price was called the “Charles Darwin of nutrition,” what is the French paradox and the paleo diet, and could butter and cholesterol and eggs actually be “rock stars” of nutrition?

The Power of Food
There’s genetics, and then there’s epigenetics. Each mouthful of food sends messages to our genes that can turn them on or off. What foods talk to our genes?

My Digestion (Burp)
Antacids or that purple pill your best friend? Bloating? Gas? Don’t feel good when you eat? Diarrhea or constipation? Let’s talk stomach acid, zinc, and other things that so often get out of whack these days.

What’s for Dinner – I’m On a Budget!
Why do we pay less for our food than any other country in the world, yet we have about the highest health care costs? What are we paying for? When is organic worth it? What are good/better/best options?

3 Big Ones: Cancer / Heart Disease / Alzheimer’s
Why is the information so conflicting? Research tells us these diseases are largely environmentally caused and thus preventable. Food plays a big role here. Find out what that is.

Bones & Broth
Let’s talk bones, osteoporosis, broken hips, cartilage, and joints. Find out why calcium supplements are NOT the answer to strong bones and why many are calling old-fashioned, homemade bone broth the anti-aging secret for good skin and bones.

Living in a Toxic Brew?
You are cleaning up your diet, terrific! Now let’s look at what’s in the shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream… all those bathroom lotions and potions. And while we are at it, what’s under the kitchen sink and in the laundry room? Consumer beware: Carcinogenic ingredients and “obesogens” are commonplace and often unregulated.

If you didn’t see the subject matter above you are looking for, call me and we’ll customize it for you.

Feedback from Group Presentations:

“No one ever took time to explain all this to me before. I’ve waited a long time to get these answers. Very worthwhile”

“It was 3 hours and it could have been twice as long. It was really, really interesting. I learned a lot.”

“I didn’t understand until now how my prescription meds could be giving me brittle bones instead of strong bones.”

“I understand so much more now about what I see in people all around me like cancer and heart disease and Alzheimer’s . . . I don’t think anymore that these diseases have to be my destiny.”